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The Three Stooges Trek Transylvania By Gina Kirkham

The Three Stooges Trek Transylvania by Gina Kirkham

The Boys are at it again…!

After a two year beak they’re on the move, carrying out daring feats and high mountains for their chosen charity, the fantastic INCUBABIES.

Johnny Kirkham, Arfon ‘Harry’ Williams and Pete Frost are currently in training, hitting the hills and rocky outcrops of Wales, pushing themselves to the limit…and then finishing off with a bacon butty at the local café before heading home. From personal experience I can tell you it has been a traumatic time for Johnny, forgoing pork pies and special fried rice dinners again, so that must be worth at least a £1 donation in admiration!

They will fly out on 26th May to Transylvania, Romania for a challenging trek through an area of the Carpathian Mountains. This involves 7 days of steep ascents and descents through ancient forests, home to Bears, Wolves and Lynx. There is also a day traversing the narrow Piatra Crailului ridge which is only 2 meters wide in places and gained by a steep scramble.

On the other side they will trek through the Zarnesti Gorge where parts of the film Cold Mountain were filmed, and summit Omu, the 8th highest mountain in Romania at 2505 meters.

Three nights are spent in Lodges which although warm and welcoming have no electricity or running water. Toilet facilities are best left to the imagination, and if you personally know Johnny, Harry & Pete you’ll understand that’s a good thing!

They are hoping to have the chance to find Count Dracula with visits to Pales Castle and Castle Drac and have promised photographs to embarrass the grandchildren for years to come.

I’ll be remaining at home once again so I can harass our lovely friends, colleagues, ex-colleagues, family and total strangers for pennies towards this amazing charity.

It’s amusing to note that the combined ages of these three fine specimens of manhood is roughly 180 years! I don’t think even Dracula is that old.

Please dig deep, every penny will be so very much appreciated. YOU CAN DONATE HERE

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


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